How to Prepare Your Home for A Professional Cleaning Service

So, you’ve made the right choice of finally hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your home. It’s wonderful news! But you should note of some tasks you could do to prepare after you booked the service. Don’t know what to expect from a house cleaner? Not a problem.

Here’s how to prepare for a house cleaner before they clean your home!

Prep yourself up.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that each cleaning service is a bit different. At the start of your engagement with the service, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions and raise clarifications. You need to make sure that you’re on the same page as your cleaning professional. Make sure to check out their website, give them a quick call, or send an email if you are not sure they provide specific services like organizing, doing the laundry, or cleaning outdoors.

Pick up clutter.

Now, this doesn’t mean your decluttering should lead to your house being spotless and clutter-free. It will be crazy for you to clean your home before the service arrives entirely. But if your kitchen counters are packed with dirty dishes, or your place is disorganized, your cleaning service will do less cleaning and more picking up. More often than not, you hire professional cleaners to let them do the tasks you hate doing. Therefore taking 30 minutes to pick up clothes, toys, and other stuff will make sure they can do more cleaning.

Keep your pets away.

In case you have aggressive pets, you definitely should take them away just until the cleaning service finishes the job. It’s also not a bad idea to do the same thing even if they are tame. Believe it or not, it’s sometimes the friendly pets that make it harder for cleaners to do their tasks. Imagine how difficult it is to clean while fighting the urge to play with a loveable golden retriever under your feet.

Brief your cleaning service.

Does your home have special needs? Let your professional cleaning service know! You can leave a note for your team, or give them a heads up on your booking. Almost all cleaning companies effectively relay information to their employees, so you need not worry about not seeing the note, or not realizing it was meant for them.

Avoid lockouts.

It’s essential that you make sure your cleaning team has access to your home, especially when you won’t be at home when they do their job. If you’re signing up for a recurring clean, most companies offer a key service. It will be useful for your cleaning professionals to keep a key on file to use just in case you’re out-of-town. And don’t forget to leave passcodes if you have one or any other special instructions.

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a clean house that you didn’t break a sweat for. Follow these tips before your professional cleaning service arrives and experience the joy of hiring them!