How Often Should You Deep Clean Your House: A Helpful Guide

How often do you deep clean your house? General housekeeping chores are a handful in and of themselves, but knowing how often you should clean the rest of your home in order to keep grime and allergens at bay; well, that’s a whole other ballpark. It’s easy to just keep avoiding those responsibilities until the microwave looks like a horror movie scene, but the payoff is huge if you’re consistent.

Doing one all-encompassing deep clean is too big a task to be convenient (or realistic) by yourself, which is why it’s always recommended you hire a professional home cleaning service.

But, for reference, we offer you the following guide to know how often to tackle certain parts of your home so they are clean and germ-free.


Learn how often should you clean your house:

Every day

Kitchen: To avoid bacterial growth, wash all your dishes as soon as you can and clean the sink afterward. Clean your coffeemaker, especially if you use it daily. Wipe down the counter and tables. Sweep the floor.

Bathroom: Sweep the floor. Wipe all surfaces, including the shower walls and bathtub.

Bedrooms: Make your bed, and avoid clutter from building up around the rooms.

Around the house: Do laundry to avoid dirty clothes from piling up. Wipe down stains as soon as you see them. Clean up any “impromptu mess” that happens.


Every week

Kitchen: Mop the floor. Scrubbing the microwave and eliminating leftover moisture and stains can prevent more than a few nasty cases of cross-contamination on your meals. Take expired food out of the fridge. Wipe your appliances on the outside. Sanitize or replace sponges.

Bathroom: Mop the floor. Disinfect all surfaces (including mirrors). Sanitize your body scrubbers. Pay particular attention to your toilet, including the base and behind it. Don’t forget the bathmats, which can become sponges for bacteria if not cleaned and dried properly.

Bedrooms: Mop tile floors/vacuum the carpet. Change the bedding.

Around the house: Dust and vacuum your furniture.


Every month

Kitchen: This is a good time to give your dishwasher and laundry machine a good thorough clean on the inside. Dust your blinds.

Around the house: Vacuum the vents, go as far back as you can. Dust or wipe your light fixtures. Clean your car on the inside and outside. Wipe and disinfect windows, inside and out.


Every 3 to 6 months

Kitchen: As a rule, scrub inside of the oven every six months, but do it before that if it starts emitting smoke or foul smells when you cook. Clean your garbage disposal and drains. Wipe the inside of your fridge and scrub the inside of your freezer, be sure to use an antibacterial cleaner, even if it doesn’t seem particularly dirty.

Bathroom: Wash the shower curtain liner. Clean the drains.

Bedrooms: Deep clean your carpets. Wash your comforters, pillows, and pillowcases. Make a point to steam-clean your mattress every six months to eliminate many allergens from building up. This is also a good time to remove stains from the faucets, not only in the bathroom but all around the house.

Around the house: Clean your patio or deck surfaces or furniture. Wash your curtains or drapes (or just vacuum them if you don’t think a wash is needed just yet.) Clear out the gutters, although you might want to do it more frequently if you live in an area with heavy rains.


Every 6 months to a year

Bathroom: Scrub and disinfect your shower heads.

Around the house: Clean the fireplace and chimney, you might want to get a professional for safety reasons. Deep clean carpets and upholstery.