Go for a New Home Look for the New Year


A new year is a new opportunity to give your home that vibrant look that you always wanted, but for many, it’s also the time where money is a little tight. Well, following these tips can help you on how to declutter your house in one day along with achieving a bold new look for a small fraction of the price that an extreme makeover would fetch you.

With these home interior design ideas, you can bet that every room will turn into a conversation starter right away, and 2019 will feel like a real turn of the page for you.



1. Paint your vinyl or linoleum flooring

These materials are cheap and easy to clean, so they’re a common option for smaller households and especially kitchens. However, their designs are kind of restrictive, and the repeating patterns are not always the prettiest sight. Paint them however you want! You don’t have to resign your floors to a dour look if you can give them an overarching pattern yourself.


2. Oversized mirrors in smaller spaces

Entryways, small hallways, and bald second-bathroom walls will all benefit from the illusion of extra space if you hang an oversized mirror in them. This works especially well if you choose an uncommon mirror shape that also compliments the space you put them in. You can even put mirrors on closet doors for an added flair (and to save space in your room, where you probably need it the most).


3. Frame your TV

A big-screen, flat television set is in every home in America nowadays, but they’re not the most agreeable piece when it comes to tying the room decoration together. Avoid this by framing them to the walls! Get some cheap but stylish framing pieces and make your TV a living portrait (a portrait of your favorite series to binge-watch, likely). You can hide the cables using a hollow curtain rod painted the same color as the wall.


4. Paint your bedroom black

Yes, it sounds too extreme of a makeover to go with such a strong, dark color for your bedroom, but combined with white bedding and plenty of sunlight, you get a really nice effect at all hours of the day. It has a very classy, magazine-like look to it, and you’ll even get more restful sleep at night. Adding a few more light-colored accents can tie it all together, such as rugs or a big mirror.


5. Make nooks around the house

How about creating small, practical and cozy spaces with just a few elements each? Put a little bistro-style table with chairs next to an ample window and you have a nice breakfast nook. Or, to finally catch up on all those books you’ve been wanting to read, how about a couple of lazy chairs and a tall, slender bookcase for a reading nook? Think about what you want to do and get creative!


6. Make every room feel taller

Does your home make you feel like a giant, even when you’re not? Half-painted walls (that is, walls painted from bottom to three-quarters up) are an excellent and very economical way to make a room feel taller and more spacious overall, which is excellent for living rooms, but any room can get the same treatment. Taller furniture is a big help, as well.


7. Move furniture away from walls

Want to know how to declutter your home in one day? Moving your seating arrangement away from the walls and closer to the center of a room not only gives you a much more intimate setting, but it also changes greatly the vibe of any room. It can make your wall ornaments feel less cluttered, and you won’t have to worry about decorating around furniture. Those are two worries down with a single solution.


These are just a start, but they will definitely go a long way when it comes to making your home feel different, vibrant and fresh. Just remember to clean up good before actually attempting to change the arrangement of your rooms, but having a little help in that department is not cheating.