6-Step Guide For Cleaning During The Holidays

6 Step Guide for Clenaing During The holidays

This year your family is staying in your house. Maybe your parents, your mother and father in law, your brother with his new girlfriend, grandpa, or just friends of the family. Whoever your guests are, surely you’ll want your house to be in the best shape for receiving them. So, if you want a “cleaning house for guests” checklist just keep reading and you’ll discover useful tips.

Step 1: Locate your guests

First of all, you got to define the areas where your guests are going to spend their time and rest. Are they going to stay with you? If yes is the answer, you have to clean and organize their rooms. Also, whatever the situation is, the entryway, the living room, and the kitchen have to be impeccable for them. Make your cleaning list, order your priorities, and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Clean and tidy the guest rooms

For your guests to be comfortable, not only do you need to clean up the clutter and dust of their rooms, but also you have to give them fresh blankets, space for their luggage, easy access to the bathroom, and make sure the place smells clean. In case your guests’ rooms don’t cover all of these characteristics, you can warn your guests and come up with a solution together.

Step 3: Make space in the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is the obvious holiday cleaning task; everybody tends to gather around the food. So, better assure your kitchen looks and smells nice. Divide the work into two groups: the long-term cleaning chores like dusting the light fixers, scrubbing the boards, and mop the floor; and the short-term cleaning chores like washing the dishes, and cleaning the stove. Take a peek at your fridge and make space for the leftovers.

Step 4: Scrub your entryway

If you want a quick house cleaning for guests, there’s no easiest tip than this. The first thing your guests will see is your entryway, so it’s natural to start cleaning there. Sweep the fallen leaves, dust the entry, and put some holiday decorations too. That way, you’ll give an excellent first impression to your guests.

Step 5: Clean on your way

Now you’re almost ready to throw that holiday party. But, if you get all the way to this step, you have to remember that nothing lasts forever and the fruits of your cleaning even less. The best practice to keep your house clean for the holidays is to define an on-the-way cleaning strategy and apply it every day. All the family has to be involved, whenever it’s washing the dishes or keeping clean, and the fridge with free space.

Step 6: Make a post-cleaning strategy

Nobody wants to clean when the party is over. Sadly, you have to it, but there are some smart tactics that you can apply to make things easier. The trick is to maintain order and put everything on a garbage bag to throw away fast. Some tips: make extra space for washing the dishes with a tub and a plastic bag, use disposable or edible plates, keep handy additional toppers for the leftovers, etc. 

If you follow these 6 easy steps, your holiday cleaning will be more bearable. We hope your Christmas celebration to be a total success. If you have trouble with some cleaning chores, don’t hesitate to call us.