6 Essential Tips For Your Home Rec Room

Tidy Titan Cleaners - 6 Essential Tips For Your Home Rec Room

A recreation room for a family is always a good idea, especially when you have children. There’s a lot of options you can choose from depending on your family’s interests: a painting room, a reading spot, a home cinema, a game place, and many more. And you can use your basement, garage, or attic to locate it. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Well, in this blog, you’ll learn some home recreation room ideas and how to create the best rec room for your family. Keep reading!

  • Check your footage

First of all, you have to know what kind of recreation room you want. If you wish for a billard rec room, you have to measure the table first and leave three or five feet of additional space around it. For book lovers, a reading room could be smaller because you only need a bookshelf and a comfortable chair. Pro tip: make a plan for your room and draw all your furniture in.

  • Make sure your room has no problems

Many people transform their basement into a rec room, unaware of the installation problems it may be. Sometimes a basement has leaks, mold, or plague issues that need to be fixed before we start to set up our recreation room. Your room must have the right ventilation, temperature, humidity, and natural light to last years and years. 

  • Install the right lighting

Talking about light; almost every rec room idea needs plenty of light to be enjoyed properly. When it comes to yoga, board games, or reading rooms, you may get a little sad or sleepy if it isn’t enough natural light entering the room. In the case of a home cinema, light is less important because the TV screen is the center of attention. But, in any case, make sure your room is well lit for a more happy experience.

  • Soundproof is a good idea

Let’s not forget the main purpose of a rec room. It isn’t just a place for play, read or relax; it’s also a way to express yourself and loosen up a little without being interrupted or distracted. So, keeping the noise out of the room is an essential matter, and when it comes to a band rehearsal or a home theater, the inside sounds must stay inside too. For that reason, consider installing acoustic panels in the walls or talk to your contractor for guidance.

  • Install floors and furniture easy to clean

If your goal is to make a painting or art room for your children or teenagers (or maybe a clumsy adult), get ready to clean some mess. The best thing about having a place for doing crafty stuff is that you don’t need valuable furniture. Install a tile or vinyl floor and walls, and also a deep sink to wash your paintbrushes. That way, you can get wild inside the rec room without too many consequences.

  • Opt for simple and manageable furniture

In a room that’s as dynamic as a rec room, you need your fittings to be as moveable as possible. We recommend you use pieces that can function as seats at the same time or buying a couple of ottomans or stools in lovely colors. Whatever fits your budget, avoid those uncomfortable folding chairs.

Are you ready to set up your precious rec room? We hope so! And when it’s time to clean, don’t worry, you can call Tidy Titan Cleaners for the job. Schedule your cleaning service in our online booking system.