6 Bad Habits You Need to Break to Have a Clean Home

6 Bad Habits You Need to Break to Have a Clean Home

We all love to have a clean, tidy home that we can show to guests in a flash, but sometimes our bad habits get in the way of that dream. We either try to take “shortcuts” when cleaning or just let some chores go unattended, and these habits will cause your home to become dirty or messy slowly. 

Well, it’s time to break those bad habits! We will tell you which of them affect your cleaning, which ones keep the house messy, and how you can finally break the cycle. Learning how to stop being messy is no walk in the park, but we’re sure that you will find it pretty reasonable.

1. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink 

Let’s be honest, nobody likes doing the dishes after every meal, but leaving them to pile up in the sink is much, much worse. Not only are you turning the pile into a breeding ground for bacteria, but it also starts to smell and is unsightly. On top of that, piling on more dishes means that it will take you longer than usual when you finally decide to wash them, which in turn will make you dislike the chore even more, and the cycle goes on and on. 

How can you break the habit?

Changing messy habits is easy, it’s all about replacing a bad habit with a good one. Whenever you finish using a plate or a glass, no matter where you are in the house, take them down to the kitchen! And since you’re already there, just wash it right away to prevent a pileup. Train the rest of the household to do the same, and have someone do the dishes after every family meal. You can even make a schedule, so there are no arguments about whose turn it is. 

2. There is a mess of clothes all over the house

You know how it goes. Your house is not dirty per se, but clothes are lying about everywhere. This is not only bad for your house’s image when guests arrive, but it also makes it harder for you to do laundry, match outfits, and sometimes there’s not a single space to sit anywhere!  Part of this problem is exacerbated by the fact that there are many “clutter hotspots,” such as the top of the bed, a lonely chair, and sometimes it’s just the floor.

How can you break the habit?

As soon as you take off any clothes, they should be either put on a hanger, folded or straight into the hamper. Putting them anywhere else only creates clutter, and you need to create the habit of always knowing where your clothes are. If you have children and they’re old enough, teach them to do the same with their clothes, as it will teach them to be responsible and save you the effort and time of doing it yourself. 

3. Hoarding food in the kitchen

This sounds like a problem that should be located entirely within your fridge, but if you really think about it, there is plenty of food elsewhere in the kitchen that makes a mess too. Food clutter gives way to mold, spills, and bad smells inside the refrigerator. Outside, hoarding non-perishables (or things that don’t need to be cooled) causes a mess of boxes, plastic wrappers, cluttered pantries, dust accumulation, crumbs, and more!

How can you break the habit? 

First of all, it’s time to stop buying food on a whim. Plan the family meals ahead of time, so you know what ingredients to buy and in what quantities; this usually ends up saving you as much money (if not more) than just hoarding things that are cheap at the store. If you’re in the habit of storing leftovers, make sure that they’re actually going to be eaten and not just forgotten in the freezer. 

4. Waiting until the chores are too big to finish quickly

This is more of a general problem than an issue with a single chore. We tend to put off our responsibilities around the house until the job becomes so big that it would be impossible without dedicating at least a few hours to it: Doing the laundry or the dishes, purging our closet, cleaning the yard, you name it. Leaving things “for later” is a big reason why most people dread chores; it’s because they see them as these monstrous, long, and hard jobs!

How can you break the habit? 

Train yourself to manage your chores while they’re still small. Do you want to wash a couple of regular dirty dishes every day, or a gigantic pile of grimy and smelly ones every week? Do you really want to sacrifice your whole Sunday doing laundry because you ran out of clean things to wear for next week? If you dedicate a little time to these chores each day, they will never become big enough that you’ll dread even thinking about them. Yes, they’re still chores, but don’t think of it as the lesser of two evils – it’s just a part of life if you want to have a clean, pretty home! For the smaller chores, there’s always help available.